System : Nintendo 3DS™
Genre : Action, Sports
Players : 2
- Two-Player Battle Mode
- Use Skills and Targets to score goals
- Bonus Endless Mode
Take the basic concept of air hockey, mix with competitive elements and finish with a whole new dimension.

The basic rules are familiar: use a racket to hit a ball into the opponent's goal. The first one to score ten points wins.

The game features special Skills and Targets. There are six different skills you can use an offensive skill such as Lightning Shot which changes the direction of the ball in mid-flight, tricking your opponent and scoring a goal. Play defensive and use the skill Hyper Racket to increase the size of your Racket improving the protection of your goal.

Watch for Targets that appear during the game, hitting those triggers various events, such as an increase ball speed or reducing your opponent’s skill gauge to zero.

In addition to the Two-Player Battle Mode, there is also Endless Mode, a squash-like game where you compete for a high score.

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