Cookie & Cream

System : Nintendo DS™
Genre : Action Adventure
Release Date : 6/26/2007

Cookie & Cream is an action/platformer where players navigate their way through challenging terrain on the top screen while solving puzzles and disarming traps on the touch screen below. Played as either a single-player game where one person controls both characters, or a cooperative game where one player maneuvers Cookie on the top screen while the other is in charge of Cream on the touch screen, Cookie & Cream is a unique combination of gaming genres, and unlike anything else on the Nintendo DS.

- Single player game lets you use directional button and stylus to control two characters at once.
- Cooperative game lets you and a friend work together to advance through levels.
- Wireless compatible for co-op play and Wi-Fi compatible for four-player battles.
- Download play mode allows two to play select stages off one Game Card.
- Eight diversely themed worlds to traverse, including Desert World, Music World, Trick World and Water World.
- Nine challenging minigames to explore.
- Fun for all ages, yet challenging enough for experienced gamers.

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