Genre : New Release
Release Date : 06/02/2008

LOL is the ultimate party game that allows players' imaginations to run free. Since LOL has no rules, there's nothing to limit a player's creativity. The game's concept is simple; the host thinks up a challenge for the other players and then everyone battles it out by drawing, picking, or writing the best answer. When everyone has finished and submitted their answers, voting begins. The one with the most votes wins! Remember, if the game is boring, then you are boring!
And the game uses Wireless DS Single-Card Download Play, which means everyone doesn't have to own LOL game. Up to four people can enjoy LOL with one LOL Game Card.

Only available for purchase online.

LOL Official website

Release Date: 6/2/2008
Players: 2-4
Price: $19.99
Genre: Party

  • A game with no limits. Players create their own challenges, making LOL as entertaining at its players' imaginations.
  • Challenge creator sets a time limit: 1 minute, 3 minute, Unlimited Time.
  • A "Waiting Game" where players attack creatures (and distract their opponents) while waiting for others to finish up.
  • Players decide the winner. With each challenge, everyone casts three votes. There is no right or wrong - your fate is left to the crowd!
  • Gameplay features to help with creativity include copy screen, eraser, different size pens, and clear screen functions.

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